Nov 4, 2007

Schenker is 3!

Schenker has finally reached his 3rd year of life. Hurray!

We celebrated his birthday in the Philippines, together with cousins, uncles, aunties, lolo and lola. Had McDonald’s for the Kiddie Party. We had 2 hours of fun games and snacks. Kid McDo showed up and danced for the Birthday boy.
I was amazed he wasn’t scared of the mascot. He used to be when he was younger. He really enjoyed the party but towards the end, he was already very sleepy… and too grumpy to blow the candles on the cake. So I had to blow the candles for him.
After McDo, we went back to the house and the party continued. Lolo and Tito Joeven did the lechon baboy. It was really really good. I think it was the best lechon I have eaten so far. This time we had uncles and aunties for dinner, minus the drinking session. I was so glad my Dad didn’t even ask for it. So it was pure fun even without the hard drinks. It was their apo’s birthday celebration after all.

I wonder what's ahead of us as our boy is getting older. I just thank God that we had passed the terrible two stage (not with flying colors though). Terrible two stage requires wisdom, patience, understanding and above all, unconditional love. I have reached a stage (his dad too) where I ran out of patience. All I did was to remind myself that he's in this stage and it's not his fault to be like that. My mom told me he'd outgrown it and I all i needed to do was to continue to be consistent in my teaching (and be firm) when he's wrong and appreciate him when he's right.

I really appreciate our going home... I got a bit of wisdom from my parents in raising kids. It's like having it fresh from the pot. You know, the kind of advise where there's no hint of judgement whatsoever. Sometimes, when I hear from other people, I get a bit of hint that it was my fault he's like that... that he screams too much... or he cries too much.. or even I don't feed him the proper way that's why he's so picky and so thin, blah blah.... I am just so glad that my mom told me it's normal and I'm not alone. It was really a great encouragement to be at home.

There's nothing like home, really. And for Schenker boy's 3rd birthday, I have resolved to myself that I'm gonna make my home a real home for him and Samantha... that wherever God would take them, they would still come to me and make our home their "home" too.

To you beloved, my son, my Schenker, I will always be here for you. Happy 3rd birthday... my son! :)


Baby Smooches said...

HAppy belated birthday to Schenker...He looks so handsome in the photos :-)

janet said...

thanks Sharon. :)

Odie Langley said...

Happy Birthday to Schenker and yes he is one handsome little man. I was thrilled to see such lovely pictures of you and the children. That really made my day. Thanks for posting them.