Nov 7, 2007

Glad to be back!

I am at home now, and I am glad I am. I came back with my two good friends, Grace and Nora. Grace has been my friend since day 1 of college and Nora since day 1 of work. Both of them engineers and when I left work, they were transferred to the same place. Grace, from DPWH Regional Office in Cagayan de Oro and Nora, from DPWH Regional Office in Butuan City. They work together now in a district office in Dinagat Island but in different offices. Grace is now the assistant chief of Materials Section and Nora is the chief of Planning and Design Section. That left me wondering, if I didn’t resign from my work 8 years ago, where would I be today? Well, wherever I was, I would still choose to resign and go out of the country to work. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have met my husband.

Anyways… like what I said, it’s nice to be back. Hubby was waiting for us at the airport, wearing his polo barong. That was really cool. We reached Kuala Lumpur at 1:00am… I was touched by my hubby’s effort to organize a welcome party for me. We had western food as he knew I’d be missing this.

The next day, there’s a kiddie party for Schenker’s friend, for her 3rd birthday. Victoria celebrated her birthday at Grand Millenium Hotel. I was so impressed with the party. It was actually not new to me coz when I was in the Philippines, I saw how Dawn Zulueta celebrated her son’s (?) 2nd birthday party. It was exactly the same as how Victoria’s Mom did it. There were few activities you could do. There’s an art activity, fishing, bubble blowing, and the inflated house and slides! These activities were not structured. You can choose which ones you like to do. Samantha enjoyed the inflated house and bubbles. Schenker was sleeping when we reached the place but when he woke up, I took him to the fishing pond. He was sooo excited. He actually caught two little fish. I caught 8! And whatever we caught, we could take them home with us. Schenker was so happy he got some fish to add to his small pond in front of our house. The loot bag has again impressed me. It’s according to teh gender and age. Samantha got a nice rattle (little tikes), an educational book with dvd, and some candies. Schenker got an art (sand-like) activity, a small racing car and some Korean chips (Victoria’s Mom is Korean, her dad is Malaysian Chinese). I should say Victoria’s party was a one grand party. Not that my son’s birthday was not good. I loved the fact that everybody joined the games (including the mommies) for his birthday at McDo.

As I have said, life is back to normal. And the kids are acting like they haven’t left home!
Hubby keeps saying he can’t believe we’re already back. He sooo missed us! We did miss him too. It’s just that we were having so much fun at home we didn’t wanna come back to Malaysia. Hahaha! Kidding, dear. As I have told you, I’m glad to be back, back in your arms, in your love and in our home.


Anonymous said...

hi auntie janet?.., how's samantha? is she okay rightnow? i god so.., god bless you always


janet said...

hi darlene,

thanks for dropping by... samantha is a lot better now, thanks! how are you? you take care also, yeah? send my regards to kuya mamay and ate tata. kisses to darryl!

ate janet

janet said...

oooppsss... from auntie janet

Odie Langley said...

That was such a sweet post. Thanks so much for sharing those moments with me.